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Hello everyone. It’s Friday today or, as is more commonly known as, POETS day. Yes, anybody who works outside the home will probably be very familiar with the acronym. For those in the dark it means P*** Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday.

I’m lucky, I don’t work outside the home. One of the privileges of working from home is that you can defer certain tasks so every day is potentially POETS day. Till it all catches up with you ;)

More recently, many now associate Friday as “Follow Friday”. It’s a nice way of sending out some “shout outs” to people you follow and is popular on both Twitter and Folksy. Starting from next Friday I will be sharing blogs and podcasts I follow. It will be my way of reviewing and sharing a little “link love” for all those talented creative types. You may well follow some of the same people. If no,t then it’s a nice way of finding and connecting with new blogs. Blogland is a big world and who knows what undiscovered gems are out there.

My task this coming week, therefore, will be to go through my huge blogroll. I follow over 100 blogs, according to my Google Reader, and I’m constantly adding more as I surf the Internet. However, there maybe some blogs abandoned and fallen by the wayside. I need to go through them all, so this is the perfect opportunity to categorise them, get them organised a bit. That should make it easier for me to post my FF selections.

Who will be the first to have their blog featured? Well, for that you’ll have to tune in next Friday. Same channel, same time ;)

Inside Crochet

Hello. It’s rather cold and wet this afternoon, but I’m nice and warm with my humongous cup of hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course.

Yummy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

So, whilst I have my hot choc I’m flicking through this month’s copy of Inside Crochet.

Inside Crochet 12

Inside Crochet 12

There’s a few festive bits featured. There’s some handy helpers  by Irene Strange which are quite sweet. A Christmas beard, a perfect addition to any Santa Claus outfit  and Sharon Maher’s angel for the tree. By far my favourite festive touch is this wonderful Christmas garland by Sarah London.

Christmas Garland

Isn’t it lovely? I do love Sarah’s projects, she uses such bright and bold colours. Who said that crochet was dull and boring.

If you’ve got a little girl then the Waterfall Waistcoat by Beverly Campbell will make a lovely addition to her wardrobe. Other patterns include Anastasia Dress, also by Irene Strange and featured on the front cover. Dusk Scarf by Sarah Barbour is a hooded scarf which looks really nice. Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby also has a couple of his creations in this month’s issue. Winter Mist jumper and Sapphire Shrug. I think the shrug will be added to my Rav queue

Winter Mist Jumper

Sapphire Shrug

As you can see there’s lots of lovely crochet goodies to keep you busy. In addition, there is also an interesting feature about Irish Crochet which is a beautiful art form. I’m not too sure though whether I’d have the patience to tackle this.

So, all in all, I think that this month’s issue is pretty fantastic. I can’t wait for next month’s edition. :)

Knitting Mags

Like many knitters and crocheters out there I love to browse for patterns for forthcoming projects. There are lots of magazines available  here in the UK for knitters, not so many for crocheters unfortunately. At the moment I enjoy reading through Let’s Knit! magazine. There’s always lots of really good patterns to knit and there’s always a couple of crochet patterns thrown in for good measure. There’s lots of features, yarn reviews, tips/techniques and they always have some freebies with every issue. I’ve been picking them up from either WHSmiths or from Tesco for the last 3-4 issues. Last month I decided to take out a subscription, I was hoping that it would start from Issue 36 (November) but it now looks like it will start next month. Anyway, I picked up this month’s copy from my local Tesco a couple of days ago

and I found there was an extra special freebie. In addition to the free circular needles there was a set of very funky looking big needles.

They’re 8mm, 9mm and 10mm sized, which is fabby as my old Millward set only go up to 7.5mm.  They’ll be great for the super chunky yrans that are currently in fashion. I must admit that this month nothing really jumps out for me unlike the previous. A little bit disappointing but there again there’s bound to be the odd issue that’s a bit meh ;)

However, there is one pattern which I do like. Sara is a nice sweater with a lacy stitch pattern.

It looks lovely and is worked using Rowan Silk Twist, a recent addition to the Rowan catalogue. It’s an aran weight made from silk, wool and superkid mohair. Mmm, sounds very nice and at an average price of £6.95 for 50g, it should be @-). It does make it an expensive project as for a typical size 12/14, you’re going to need 12 balls of the stuff!!  £83.40 is what it’ll cost  ya:-O Dunno about everyone else, but that is a wee bit too much for my pocket. The yarn does look nice though. May have to keep an eye out for some online bargains on this one.

Oooh they’ve also done a catch up interview with Beryl Brewis. You may remember her from an episode of BBCs High Street Dreams. She is seen trying to get her boutique knitted scarf business off the ground with her army of “Knitting Nannas”. Looks like things are going well for her, which is great news.

So what other knitting magazines do you enjoy reading? I’d love to hear your comments, especially if there’s any with regular crochet patterns. We seem to be very thin on the ground with crochet magazines here in the UK. The only one I know of is Inside Crochet which I happened to pick up today. You’ll have to wait though till I’ve had a good look through it as I’ve only briefly scanned it.


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