While Yarn Crafting

I got thinking about what most knitters and crocheters¬† do while they work on their projects. I would guess that watching TV is probably the most common activity. There’s something quite reassuring about getting all comfy on the settee or your favourite armchair. Cup of tea/coffee or glass of wine at hand, not forgetting some cake or choccies to munch on.

Now what shall we watch? Well, personally, I like anything that doesn’t really require too much involvement to follow, so old favourites that you know the storyline to are always going to be a hit. Hubby has recently got himself every episode of the 1970s TV series The Professionals. We’ve been spending most late afternoons watching a couple of episodes at a time of Bodie and Doyle speeding about in their Ford Capri around London, beating up all the bad guys. As I remember watching them all on TV as a teenager, it makes the ideal thing to watch. In fact any sort of thing with lots of boom and bang are good so, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, etc are all pretty much watchable. Other safe bets I enjoy are Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Miss Marple, played by Joan Hickson, of course.


Of the newer shows on TV,¬† I quite enjoy watching Leverage and White Collar, occasionally I’ll watch House. Oh and did any of you catch the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC1 recently? Top stuff.

Obviously anything with subtitles is a big no-no, trying to knit/crochet whilst trying to read subtitles doesn’t work too well :D Neither does anything with a complicated plot so whilst I love watching The Bourne Trilogy, I can’t crochet while it’s on. There’s just tooo much happening .

Music is another favourite of mine. I do enjoy music while I work. Funny though, how some activities require different music. If I’m doing housework (yes, sometimes I have to do some ;) ) then something¬† like Oasis, Muse or Kasabian is pretty cool. When it comes to my yarn work though, I seem to prefer something more folky like Mumford & Sons, Noah & The Whale or Laura Marling. I am so liking Laura Marling at the moment, her music is great. I think my favourite track of hers has to be Night Terror. Such a haunting song.


I wonder, what does everybody else like to do whilst doing their yarn crafting?


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