Which Way Do You Knit???

Hello again peeps. It’s a windy and rain swept afternoon as I sit here typing. You really do not want to be out and about when it’s like this. Luckily, I’ve just got back in and don’t have to go out again. I’ve got a nice hot cup of tea to warm me up and I just wondered which way do you knit? English or Continental?

What’s the difference I hear you say. Well, “English” knitting is where you hold the yarn in your right hand and you “throw” the yarn around the needle points to make your stitches. “Continental” knitting is where the yarn is held in the left hand and you pick at the yarn with the right needle to stitch.  I think the terminology is so named because in English speaking countries they knitted one way and everywhere else was deemed continental and they knitted the other way. I could be wrong on this but to me that’s what makes sense.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the difference between the two.


Personally, I knit the English or traditional way because that’s they way my mum taught me. Which is unusual as my mum is Spanish and I would’ve thought she would have knitted continental style. Now, I’m not the world’s fastest knitter, which is a shame as if I was faster I could get so much more knitting done. However, it seems to me that continental style is a much more efficient way of knitting. At least from the many online videos I’ve watched. So, I wondered if any knitters out there have changed the way they knit and was it an easy process, especially after knitting one way for years.

As you can guess I’m contemplating switching styles but, and here’s the BIG question :D  Does it mean having to learn to knit from scratch all over again?? :-? I wonder, what are your thoughts on this. Anyone???????


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