WIP Wednesday

As promised here is my current progress on my next sock project.

I decided to knit some toe up socks. This is a departure for me as I usually knit cuff down. I do like to experiment with different techniques though and , when it comes to knitting, there are plenty of avenues to venture down.

toe up socks

As you can see, they’re just a plain knit but I’m trying out a different heel. I’m trying out Wendy B Johnson’s “toe up socks with a difference”. What’s the difference I hear you ask? Well, it features gusset increases on the bottom of the foot instead of on the sides.

toe up socks heel detail.jpg

I was impressed just by how simple the process was. There was no picking up of stitches as in a traditional heel flap construction and only a few wrap and turn rows. I’m hope that the heel will be a nice fit.

I have to admit that I’m pretty much amazed that I’ve almost finished knitting one sock in such a short time. It’s not as if I’ve spent all day knitting either. Maybe it’s because I’m just focused on one project and not a couple. At this rate I’ll have a full pair of socks by next week. Now that’ll be a first ;)